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“I want to thank you for a great vacation. It was an amazing experience.”

Jean Roger



“The Destination Club takes care of all the hassle of planning a trip and let's you focus on actually enjoying the trip. From nightlife to local spots, it's planned with events you actually want to do. One of the best trips I have been on and looking forward to the next one”


Corey Jones



                   was created to get people away from the norm when it comes to traveling. In our experience when most people in our generation travel, they stay in all inclusive resorts away from the real culture of that country. When you do this you're cheating yourself from the best part of travling. There are many places to go, new people to meet, foods to eat, and local entertainment to see. Let us be your connection to these great experiences and memorable moments.


The Destination Club gives you a different way to travel. We want you to actually experience the country and we know as a tourist that can be a lot of pressure. Especially if you don't speak the language. So we have taken to steps to give you everything to need to make your trip amazing and memorable. From the time you land you are taken care of and provided for.