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The Destination Club is a "Members Only" travel club. For the past five years we have been revolutionizing travel, creating unique experiences for groups, ages ranging between 25 - 45 years old. The Destination Club has traveled all around the world in search of the best destinations. We love bringing new people together, creating lasting friendships while exploring the world.  We are not your “All Inclusive” we are your “Super Exclusive” exposing a generation to the world. 


One of our goals has always been to bring together groups of like minds who have the desire and wherewithal to explore the world together, and to that end The Destination Club has created a Membership. Becoming a member makes you apart of our family. It gives you access to our Destination Club trips and customized personal trips, local club meet up events, eligible for our trip lottery, a way to earn points in our referral program, and more.  


One of the reasons The Destination Club is such great club is the people. All with the same mind frame of having a great time and all with the same love for traveling and new experiences. We do all the advance work to give you an amazing trip and experience but the right members can make a good trip great, or an amazing trip, dope.


Great Energy is the criteria of being a member of The Destination Club. In order to keep this going we have to be selective on who we open our doors to. We're excited to always sign up new members but we don't want to lose who we are in the process.

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We offer three types of membership: General Membership, Gold Membership and Elite Membership

General Membership gives you full access to our website and ability to book our public group trip right online. 

Gold Membership gives you all the access of the General Membership, plus; Airport Transfers, a Destination Club T-shirt, enrollment in our rewards program and enrollment in our referral program. 


Elite Membership gives you all the access of the Gold Membership, plus; a welcome vip gift bag, vip airport transfers, and complimentary room upgrades when available. 



GOLD MEMBER  l  $15 Monthly

ELITE MEMBER  l  $25 Monthly


To become a member of The Destination Club, first completely fill out our sign up form. After we receive this form, go over everything and approve your membership, you will receive a link to register for the membership level of choice. Once complete you will officially be a member of The Destination Club.